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Finding the right property is just the beginning.
UbiQ’s team of experts covers all phases of real estate investment
from selection, to purchase, management, and finally sales.

Property Management

For buyers with multiple homes, international purchasers and investment property owners, UbiQ has vast experience in managing client properties.

  • advising and overseeing financial aspects of purchase
  • paying maintenance, insurance, utilities, taxes and mortgages
  • finding and screening tenants
  • managing tenants and collecting rent
  • providing repairs, decorating, architects and renovations
  • overseeing emergency services
Our technology services include our proprietary software that features real time data on the property,
accounting, bank accounts, payments, leasing/rental information and calendars.
Clients can manage their properties just by clicking a button.


The process begins with understanding the client’s needs, researching appropriate properties, advising on the best pricing, and representing the client in negotiations and closing.

  • detailed local knowledge of infrastructure changes, including construction, new developments, transportation— the changes that will affect livability and value
  • comparable properties and pricing analysis
  • risk analysis affecting value
  • access to credit for foreign buyers

  • tax abatements for clients who wish to maximize investment
  • up and coming areas of gentrification with higher rates of appreciation
  • access to off market properties
  • sophisticated negotiating skills
  • bidding war strategies on purchase
  • access to a network of experienced lawyers, accountants, architects, designers, and contractors
  • most advanced marketing strategies and technology for sales
  • appropriate timing and pricing for sales


New York real estate investing is a full time job.

We help clients with finding investments, determining timing for purchase and/or sale, performing sophisticated transaction analysis, providing cash flow projections, understanding comparable properties, determining appropriate price ranges both on purchase or sale, negotiating to finalize a transaction, finding problems before they occur, solving legal accounting and tax issues, arranging appropriate estate planning under US and foreign laws, and most of all, developing a relationship of trust with our clients.
We have advised clients on major purchases of commercial buildings with multiple residential and commercial tenants under New York rental and building regulations.
We value properties with a complicated mixture of rent controlled, rent stabilized and commercial tenants. We work with clients on structuring and negotiating tactics. We also take into consideration client portfolios and how to use a major purchase to improve their balance.
For a confidential discussion on purchases or sales please contact us.

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