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Brooklyn Heights

Impressive and historical architecture, beautiful backyards and curated balconies, upscale boutiques, high ceiling houses and the proximity make Brooklyn Heights one of the most picturesque and sought after neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Heights is a real estate dream for both young families moving to the city and lifelong New Yorkers looking for an authentic yet modern neighborhood

The big new luxury buildings along the river and a big investment made by the city into the renovation of the riverside gave Brooklyn heights 2 big parks with recreational areas, public basketball and volleyball courts with the view of Manhattan.

Where Is

The Locals

Brooklyn Heights is a mix, and longtime new yorkers and of new young families who move here after college in search for a family-friendly community. Low crimes, and rising quality of the school district quality makes it very appealing to couples starting families, that appreciate the old atmosphere, great restaurants like the city famous Grimaldi’s Pizza, and the comfort of the new condos.

What's to Love

The Promenade, symbol of the neighborhood, offers breathtaking views of lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There are many activities that can be done right along the waterfront, from bathing in the sun, to enjoying food and drinks at one of the many establishments on the park, to enjoying a night of culture at the newly redesigned St. Ann’s Warehouse.

What's Not to Expect

If you’re looking a for a real-New York feeling with a mixed melting pot of cultures you’re out of luck. One of the wealthiest and most expensive neighborhoods in the borough, Brooklyn Heights is not the most diverse place. It’s also peaceful neighborhood, so for trendy nights and late hours drinking you’ll have to take a short ride to one of the neighboring areas.

Brooklyn Heights Look & Feel

Brooklyn Heights has the charm of a small town and the convenience of the big city. The quiet, tree-lined one-way streets nestled in historical brownstones are perfect for families with young kids and for those who want to escape the bustle of the city. There are plenty of charming produce shops and little grocery stores as well as more established chains like Trader Joe’s, and a friendly vibe surrounds the neighborhood..

Great Eats Cool Drinks & Nights Out & Entertainment

Slow and understated, the best restaurants on the perimeter of in the neighborhood. The central area and the waterfront caters more to tourists.

Top picks:

  • Grimaldi’s Pizza: the most famous restaurant in the area
  • Jack the Horse Tavern: top notch American bistro
  • Fornino’s: an up-and-coming pizza classic
  • Colonie: a newer American brasserie

Parks & Rec

The Brooklyn Bridge Park and Pier 2 offer a variety of services and green spaces to serve couples or families of any sizes, featuring basketball and beachvolley courts, grassy areas and picturesque views of Manhattan. Park Slope, the second biggest park in the city is only 10 minutes away.

Guest Lodging

A few upscale hotels for when you have guests in town, plus a new luxury one now under construction, that will be ready in 2018. It also has a high concentration of Airbnb listings in NYC, many of which are high-end properties.

Public Transportation

Incredibly well served, Brooklyn Heights is reachable by 7 subway lines:

Transportation options:

2 3 4 5 A C R

Car Travel

Due to the high density population and the narrow streets, parking can be difficult on the weekends and challenging even for residents during the week.

Green cabs and Ubers are also readily available just about anywhere.

Distance from main airports by car:

LaGuardia: 20 minutes
JFK: 35-50 minutes
Newark: 60-75 minutes

Surrounding Neighborhood